I have several businesses but the most enjoyable business is that, thanks to my strong international network, I can offer worldwide investment opportunities and business services.


Real estate worldwide

  • High class 4 to 5 star hotels
  • Apartment-blocks and offices
  • New projects as above
  • Custom built investment-funds for local acquisitions


Real estate areas of special intrest

  • Greece with exceptional investment opportunities and the easiest and least expensive Golden Visa program in Europe. See our website  www.goldeneurovisa.com for more details.
  • Spain buying directly from one of the major Spanish banks. Please let me know your requirements through the contactform below.
  • United Kingdom / London first class objects on the market due to Brexit-politics.
  • USA / New York several great high class opportunities.
  • Holiday resorts worldwide (Asia and currently the upcoming Cape Verde islands).
  • Switzerland hotel projects.


Setting up your business in Europe

  • Starting up in Europe we take care of everything from incorporating your company to helping you secure resident permits, and anything in between.
  • We can provide a broad range of services: from sales and authorized representation, market research and marketing, to logistics and warehousing. In short set up your European offices and starting up sales. See www.businesshouseinternational.com for further details.


Exclusive investments in other areas

  • Shares in a gas-pipeline high yield investment Switzerland based. Join international energy companies.
  • A chance of a lifetime doubling your investment by 2020.

I will provide you with further details about this investment in a gas-pipeline if you apply through info@businessassociate.nl

Please let me know your areas of intrest or specific requirements info@businessassociate.nl

I will then keep you updated about new projects through my newsletter too.

Thank you for showing intrest!

Wim Goedhart